Good Words Podcast

Tim and Becca, parents of toddlers, are making some strange decisions. Sometimes they talk about marriage and life. Somtimes about movies and books. Follow along on their world travels.

34: At the End of Our Tether

  • Trivia… Let’s grill Tim
  • Santa has jazz hands
  • Rudulph the Red Nose Reindeer “row”
  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego the card game!!
  • Traveling Light finale!
  • How often do you dream of heaven? A preoccupation. Does thinking about it give you strength for the here and now?
  • I have 1% generosity left to give
  • Our special gift from Tim’s aunt and grandma
  • Tim is more American
  • Tim HAS NOT read!
  • Tethering ourselves to God
  • Different ways of showing our children or others how we love them
  • Tim’s love language is rambunctious, silliness
  • Seeing the outcome of some of God’s promises and using those instances to gain acceptance for the promises not yet seen
  • If I stay sick I have to accept that it’s for God’s glory, or my growth
  • Sometimes life is all morning sickness… and then the end comes
  • Believing God that it’s all going to be worth it in the end.
  • Is it wrong for my motivation to be about the promise of the beauty of heaven and not completely about Jesus?
  • Keeping a steady burn rate
  • Don’t burst my peaceful bubble

33: Special Guest: Jon

  • Trivia questions
  • Bible trivia and Alzheimer’s revenge
  • Improv stuff
  • Spanish and our first mission trip together
  • Jerusalem’s “You Know Nothing” Guy
  • Life Calling
  • Short term missions trips
  • Concentration camps
  • New small group: “Let’s talk about your biggest sin and why you’re not changing”
  • Ashamed to admit I remember Mark Lowry
  • The Afternoon Bible Quiz
  • The Babylon Bee

32: We Do Have the Ability to Bake a Cake!

  • The day is Sunday
  • The verdict is I think it’s going to be ok
  • The infamous quiz show…Tim does not know his Disney princesses
    • Tim claims he’s “tired”
  • Link to Dobson’s interview with Nick Vujicic
    • I don’t have it as bad as them… but shame isn’t change
    • The pain of vulnerability
    • The pride of wanting to explain yourself
  • Max Lucado Traveling Light
    • Becca’s book wins. More progress was made.
    • Where am I in this jungle?
    • Peruvian jungle
    • The shepherd makes me lie down by still waters
  • A giant boat captain illustration- close down the compartments of your boats
  • We haven’t been able to function enough hours to do the normal stuff
  • Article link to Iowa
    • America’s small towns are dying
    • So why do these dutch people want to stay?
    • If you have the money to pave your roads I’m a little suspicious of you

31: There's Far to Much to Take in Here

We return again…sorry for the gap!
Trivia…this person had no accountants!?!
Sitting on a dirty coach…what load do you need to drop?
Leading a quiet life verses a fantastic life
You could have had yourself a prize pig
It feels like anything should be possible
As soon as you think you have modest goals there is always more
When your world shrinks to the size of your house
Do you feel stuck where you’re at?
Do you ever stop wrestling with God in life?
Is it wrong to fake it until you make it with trust?
I’d like for my name to be River and be totally at peace
Should we just talk in verses to others?
Stalking hope
Would you believe someone if they said it’s going to be ok?
When have you heard God say it’s ok?
Lying to your children about death

Continued Downtime Due to Illness

We still aren’t able to keep to our regular weekly schedule. Becca is very sick and we aren’t sure what the diagnosis is yet. So, new episodes are bound to be random occurrences until she’s feeling better. Thanks for your understanding and your prayers, friends.

30: True or False

  • It’s trivia time!!
    (To clarify we do believe dinosaurs existed, just disagree on the millions of years time frame)
  • I shall name my third child Othaniel
  • About depression, but we promise we get perkier
  • Talking, is it burning trash or chocolate cake?
  • Would you rather sweep or deal with urine? (Yes we are back to urine)
  • More on dinosaurs…
  • Do you think I’ll hate jello “stew” for the rest of my life?
  • Can you see how you’re changing while you’re environment is putting pressure on you?
  • The ripples of events in life’s events, do they get stronger as life goes on?
  • Holding on tightly with hands of wet clay
  • Do you believe you can tell if someone is lying?
  • Are you afraid of mind reading?
  • Do we pay attention enough to ourselves to know if we are going against our natural inclinations?
  • Let’s call me the protagonist of the show
  • Our character is drawn with very fine pens
  • Is real love the capacity to endure any hardship for someone?

29: Reduced to Talking About Urine and YouTube

  • The two versions of Tim you can get tonight
  • I love the idea of all of you
  • And Becca gets sicker by the moment…
  • The Walmart mistake
  • Robot dogs and the dog’s revenge
  • If Alexa had arms right now I’d be terrified
  • The irritation of being corrected
  • Making gunpowder ingredients include: Your own urine!! Watch it on YouTube

Syringes of Joy

We are back! I’m glad we got back on the bike and kept on riding
Wasps, floods, ripped open car, debt collectors, illness, oh my!
The Feminist Baby or the continued discussion of the role of women in the church
Discussion of men’s pants
Winnie the Pooh analogy…We are so sorry
The Innovators
The perception of the midwest
When we put our phones down it’s often dying to ourselves
The phone has become a way to check out at any moment you want and society has accepted
Hiding in plain sight
These ear phones are literally glued into my ears, I have no choice but stick with it
Grace is the opposite of the belief in karma, it’s not about justice
Trivia- Becca’s up and wishing her Encarta ’95 knowledge was more helpful
Ran out of time…Next week Idols of Power

Delay of This Week's Episode

The hosts are feeling a bit sick this week. We’ll return next week.

27: Let This Poor Woman Stop Weaving Textiles

The Role of Women in the Church - Charles C Ryrie
“He shows you the depth of the pool and says now go swim in it”
Everyone wants more applause… or sarcasm
Our robot idea!
Go make some more yarn
Male fear of talking about feminism
Tertullian… ugh
Can women teach in front of the whole church?
The Feminism Mistake - Mary Kassian
How much has the feminist idea of the world effected the church?
Where is our perfect utopian church?
Is the body numb?
Reading for the Common Good - Christopher Smith
The Nashville statement
The importance of open discussion in the church
The bones of the tiny dream bird snap so easy