Good Words Podcast

Tim and Becca, parents of toddlers, are making some strange decisions. Sometimes they talk about marriage and life. Somtimes about movies and books. Follow along on their world travels.

16: You Are My Dude...Sadness Parfait


  • Our “new” studio
  • Self-employment
  • Dreams that aren’t coming true
  • Grief and public crying. Yikes!
  • Why would someone want to listen to vulnerability?!?!
  • What if Les Mis was a Disney cartoon with talking animal characters?
  • Tim’s embarrassing trivia game

15: Like a Little Zombie

We finally return with an episode about transitioning back ot the US after 3 months abroad.

  • The monkey party in the domestic terminal.
  • Rude wakeups on international flights.
  • Finding Nemo for 16 hours
  • Simon with jet-lag is like a little zombie
  • Gaming the airline system with our giant 23-month-old
  • Connect as families and disciple each-other
  • Terrified of going back to being a frantic family
  • A balanced body of the church
  • Recent challenges in marriage
  • Health and hope
  • Our hulk baby in the nursery

14: Asking for Help in a Foreign Land (With Guest)

We are joined by a guest this week. This was recorded before we left Kathmandu.
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Show Notes:

Gourmet Hotdogs
The talking speaker strikes again
Learning a language
Hearing stories of refugees
Helpful ways to serve refugees
Vulnerability of asking for help in a foreign land
God weaving our stories

13: We Need to Have Our Slideshow Ready

  • The final week in Nepal
  • depressed tim
  • missed mountain flight
  • sickness
  • stressed out parenting
  • final chapter of the book
  • why we can’t be funny this week

12: Here Comes Another Wave of Shock

The power was out while we recorded this one. Sorry for the delay getting last week’s episode up. Look for a very special bonus episode in the near future.

Taking a day of rest.
Coffee-shop delivery is great.
Smelly clothes.
A new hairbrush.
Stroller road-kill.
Riding on the back of a motorcycle.
The movie-going experience in Nepal, including some fascinating commercials.
Big picture vision.
Cooking with the help of two toddlers.
Culture shock waves.
What is it like to take the boys on an errand any given day of the week?
We are now phonetic actors.
Followup on the action items from last week.
This week we cover chapter 5 in “You and Me Forever”

11: Imprisoned

Our child gets imprisoned. MacGyver time.
Rematching season 1 of Full House.
Oldest children solve all the problems.
He’s too tall.
A city bus? Or is it an awesome carnival ride!?
Busy roads.
The airline electronics ban.
A trampoline!?
The gameshow network.
Marriage talk time.
Check in on last week’s assignment.

10: It's Not a Monkey, It's an Ape

Episode 10 Show Notes

  • Eating out with the kids
  • More about our kids
  • adapting our schedule to a new way of life
  • getting a haircut in nepal
  • last trip to volunteer at the school
  • Curious George
  • Even more about our kids
  • Our kids growing and getting an imagination
  • meeting our neighbors
  • comedy-fantasy-middle-grade fiction
  • Mice and Elephants and Me
  • eating chicken at work with the kids
  • Tim’s soccer injury
  • Convincing Simon that he’s not really a bird
  • Living in a neighborhood with lots of kids
  • Man, we talk a lot about our kids!
  • Emoji woes

And then back to our discussion of marriage - using the book “You and Me Forever” and some of the intense questions from it.

9: All About Goats

We made it to Episode 9! Just a quick note, since I’m using a mid-level SoundCloud Pro account the older episodes will start disappearing from the SoundCloud website as we release new ones. Update: All episodes are available again.

  • back to regular schedule
  • the monkey temple second visit
  • Bagh-Chal
  • goat death noises
  • Goats yelling like humans on YouTube
  • Playing futsal
  • shopping in the neighborhood
  • pushing the boys to do just “one more thing”
  • It’s the Holi festival today

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8: Just Floating

Tim and Becca are joined this week by special guests Karlee and Scott. We discuss our trip to Chitwan Park, riding elephants and the long road trip there and back.

Further topics include:

  • Vet Recommendations About Parasites
  • Tour guides
  • Bird-safe Coffee
  • Traffic In Kathmandu
  • How To End A Conversation
  • Super Powers And Marriage

7: Awkward Silences

Have you have ever wanted to hear what “mildly traumatized” Becca and Tim sound like? We’re not even sure what happened this last week. Where are we? How did we get here? Who are you?

We had fun trekking in the mountains but, it’s been a hard couple of weeks and we are pretty worn out.