Good Words Podcast

Tim and Becca, parents of toddlers, are making some strange decisions. Sometimes they talk about marriage and life. Somtimes about movies and books. Follow along on their world travels.

20: Foam Fortress

  • Trivia Game- Becca 6; Tim 7
  • Worst birthday Amazon wish list
  • There’s only one thing worse than ventriloquism; children’s dinosaur-ventriloquism
  • 6 months of filtering air through nothing
  • Violent lions versus silent termites
  • Would you want to know everything about your genes?

Idols for Destruction

  • Does our understanding of history leave room for God to break the patterns?
  • Do we pretend that we understand how God’s will is at work?

“A society that can not tolerate a judge beyond history will find that it can learn to tolerate anything.”

  • What if your duty as juror conflicts with your moral convictions?
  • Why did humans chose individuality?

19: Golden Statue of Me

Whew! We had to edit and post this one from the road, but we recorded it on the fourth of July. Enjoy.

Frozen party stupor
Energetic cake making
Isn’t the best kind of party a party of one?
Trivia Game tim- Becca’s enthusiastic acceptance speech
It’s the Fourth of July!
Expectations of freelance work
Deep conversations in public
Should I murder or take a risk?
If your spouse could choose your one life interest
The book of Daniel- Relating to ol’ Nebuchadnezzar
I don’t want people to bow down to a giant golden statue of me, but maybe just kind of admire it a little
It’s good you’re talking about something you’re passionate about—yourself

Two sample books for consideration:

  • 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You
  • Idols for Destruction

History and the power of control
Do you believe “when we find our vocation, thought and life are one”
The library program and kids
Time anger about the word kiddos
Candy review: Reece’s peanut butter cups stuffed with Reece’s pieces
Tim loves him some climbing fourteeners
New title: the Risk podcast
At the end of our lives will we have changed enough to be able to play Risk together

18: A BMW in a Church Parking-Lot

Baby deer death
Processing sadness and honesty with kids
Becca will hurt dogs that aren’t invited on our property
The dead deer being immortalized in kids pictures
And the topic is…disappointment
When life moves you in a different direction
The years are passing… let me see some of these big dreams come to fruition, please?
On writing
Parenting doesn’t stroke your ego
Future childhood resentment about yard work
Latest dreams being crushed
Our personal relationship with God and needing to grab onto metaphors
Do our dreams come true in this lifetime or is it in a future way with future people- even if we feel like God’s not giving us His dreams, then we say like Schadrach Mesach… um, Rack Shack and Benny… that we will still chose to follow Him. And that’s when God manifested Himself
Corporate dreams passed on from generation to generation
Programming and “regular work” is not going into the void
Our regular job takes so much time and it can’t just be accumulating resources to do the next thing
Freelance business thoughts
What does the temptation to play it safe look like
Are American christians just “lightweights”?
It’s so difficult to remain unpolluted by freedom and hundreds of choices…a test we don’t even know we are under
Our current struggles with God
BMW in a church parking lot… well, I have a bad car so I love Christ more.
We have to know what battle we are fighting
Becca has a cold!
The rousing game of trivia continues - Becca can’t pronounce words

16: You Are My Dude...Sadness Parfait


  • Our “new” studio
  • Self-employment
  • Dreams that aren’t coming true
  • Grief and public crying. Yikes!
  • Why would someone want to listen to vulnerability?!?!
  • What if Les Mis was a Disney cartoon with talking animal characters?
  • Tim’s embarrassing trivia game

17: The Best 23 Minutes ever... Followed by Another 30 Minutes

Tim’s revenge - trivia game

Downhill skiing war

“Ok here’s the plan, we are going to wait until the enemy gets right to the bottom of this perfectly clear area and all slide down with pieces of wood on our feet”

skiing with cannons?

We have an email address for the show…possibly

Writers group short story

Would you break down and cry and let the t-rex eat you?

Weird 70 disaster movies that did not make me grow as a person in comparison to modern Chris Pratt movies

An awkward effort to be real even about topics we don’t talk about often

David Platt and his emotional bombs

How many of your beliefs do you have to hang up when you go out the door

How many of your beliefs do you feel strong enough to integrate them with your business

Let’s have a moral discussion, not culture warfare.

In our culture today we can’t point out anything that is the desire of your heart.

Is a commercial transaction a form of speech

What we choose to do with our freedom

15: Like a Little Zombie

We finally return with an episode about transitioning back ot the US after 3 months abroad.

  • The monkey party in the domestic terminal.
  • Rude wakeups on international flights.
  • Finding Nemo for 16 hours
  • Simon with jet-lag is like a little zombie
  • Gaming the airline system with our giant 23-month-old
  • Connect as families and disciple each-other
  • Terrified of going back to being a frantic family
  • A balanced body of the church
  • Recent challenges in marriage
  • Health and hope
  • Our hulk baby in the nursery

14: Asking for Help in a Foreign Land (With Guest)

We are joined by a guest this week. This was recorded before we left Kathmandu.
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Show Notes:

Gourmet Hotdogs
The talking speaker strikes again
Learning a language
Hearing stories of refugees
Helpful ways to serve refugees
Vulnerability of asking for help in a foreign land
God weaving our stories

13: We Need to Have Our Slideshow Ready

  • The final week in Nepal
  • depressed tim
  • missed mountain flight
  • sickness
  • stressed out parenting
  • final chapter of the book
  • why we can’t be funny this week

12: Here Comes Another Wave of Shock

The power was out while we recorded this one. Sorry for the delay getting last week’s episode up. Look for a very special bonus episode in the near future.

Taking a day of rest.
Coffee-shop delivery is great.
Smelly clothes.
A new hairbrush.
Stroller road-kill.
Riding on the back of a motorcycle.
The movie-going experience in Nepal, including some fascinating commercials.
Big picture vision.
Cooking with the help of two toddlers.
Culture shock waves.
What is it like to take the boys on an errand any given day of the week?
We are now phonetic actors.
Followup on the action items from last week.
This week we cover chapter 5 in “You and Me Forever”

11: Imprisoned

Our child gets imprisoned. MacGyver time.
Rematching season 1 of Full House.
Oldest children solve all the problems.
He’s too tall.
A city bus? Or is it an awesome carnival ride!?
Busy roads.
The airline electronics ban.
A trampoline!?
The gameshow network.
Marriage talk time.
Check in on last week’s assignment.