Good Words Podcast

Tim and Becca, parents of toddlers, are making some strange decisions. Sometimes they talk about marriage and life. Somtimes about movies and books. Follow along on their world travels.

42: They Have a Mascot

  • Alexa is waiting to… sing at you
  • Trivia - “The Happy Games”
  • “Be yourself”, what an original 90’s movie plot
  • You would expect a speech by the glorious leader at the start of the (North) Korean Olympics.

Izzy the mascot

  • Izzy a water droplet, shoes and a hat - the mascot for Atlanta olympics
  • Daniel Dilemma- Part IV

    • Can you really control your stress?
    • Will we make it to episode 43 or will the “little old wife” put a hard stop to this
    • How do you hear God?
    • The surgeon who signed people’s organs- A new way to witness? write a verse on a person’s heart
    • What’s your current “one day?”
  • I do it to push your buttons, of course!

  • You don’t think I’m funny. You think I’m actually just trying to be annoying.

41: Bad Report Card, Good Relationship


Swim lesson report card
Tim’s Ethiopian coffee takes him places
Children…it prepares us for torture
The holy blanket
Seeking the hand of God verses the heart of God
Should we keep on fasting after we’ve been set free from captivity?
Figuring out God’s judgment calls
We view sin as a failure of performance rather than a failure of relationship
The length Jesus went to, to restore relationship
A poor performance report card, but a great relationship built
How do I have a fun social butterfly relationship with God?
I’m going to do this to glorify to God…since I enjoy it, it must be fine
First enjoying the presence of God, before focusing on bringing the message
Why is it so hard to just wake up every day and try to stay in relationship with God?
Once you get what you want, why put the effort in to the relationship?
You may evacuate the hot seat now
This is why a marriage works, you both have different skill sets and then you grudgingly use them to help the other person
Bringing it home with a trivia question

40: Are There Any Other Survivors Out There?

A rambling podcast…Excuse me?
No I didn’t have to cheat at trivia, I’m just that awesome
That laser would just stun and disorient them.
Bringing the message along with the presence of God
Becca brags about knowing science fiction?!?!?!
The pain of sharing
Our children’s play—they keep killing off the mom! And a lot of awkward pauses
We created that landmine in our son’s future
How honest should you be when filling out your child’s baby book…

The Daniel Dilemma

  • Is pride at an all time high?
  • Is the only thing we can give credit to success, prayer?
  • What surprises you most about where you ended up in life?
  • God would rather have you holy then happy
  • Would you accept less love from God so that He could give you an easier destiny?
  • Containing the fiery power of our emotions
  • Picking your fights/battles that are constructive

Would you trade 10% of your sanity to become 10% smarter
I don’t think intelligence is all it’s cracked up to be

39: Evidence We Like Hearing the Sound of Our Own Voice

  • Kick’n it off with trivia
  • Do you still like our wedding photos?
  • Are vilifying me, or do you just think I’m insane?
  • Have you ever justified stealing something?
  • Which of your teachers did you more harm then good?
  • We complain about old people these days, and their loud music.
  • The Daniel Dilemma
    • What is our mandate in this current culture we are in?
  • Quick movie review 15:17 to Paris
    • No matter what we lose God’s goodness will sustain us
    • Have you ever felt held hostage by heavy emotions?
    • True worship is following God when you don’t understand
    • What motivates us to get closer to God
    • Why does it matter to fight the fight to know God and others
    • How much do you trust your judgments about people?

38: He Spit on Me!

Front row at a play!
Tienenmen square tank guy
The Table Topic question game
What are you afraid of at 3 AM?
What is the funniest thing your inner child wants?
Barreling forward with the Daniel Dilemma
Everytime you see the culture take a step further from God do you look at it as a new ministry
VidAngel comedians
Fighting with a clever person vs. an intelligent person
The Tim and Becca fighting style. Give me feeling and logic for crying outloud :)
Would using just facts in a fight work with some people?
Do you change your arguing style base on the personality you’re fighting with?
Oh we do have an argument notebook!
Trivia game…This in a shake….yikes!

37: He Took My Tunic

  • Freelance woes
  • When justice is good and when to let your tunic get stolen
  • Trivia question- Tim is up
  • Hope!
  • Exodus, Zachariah, hope and perfume
  • The Israelites and their invisible force field
  • Visions and dreams
  • “The Daniel Dilemma”
  • How do you gracefully confront cultural norms
  • How was Jesus unoffensive and how was he offensive
  • Should you volunteer in the area of your vocation, or what you want to volunteer in?
  • Therapy Game questions:
  • What are you in denial about?
  • What’s the happiest movie ever made?
  • To be Baghera or not to be with parenting

36: Touch That Fire, Baby

Childhood and parenting with special guest Kelly!

  • Best advice ever…blink your eyes and your kids will be at college
  • Did you know before you were a parent that it would be a “life calling”
  • How many times can you safely microwave a plate of food?
  • Oh cherry flavored medicine!
  • How many kids are just so pleasant after giving them de-worming medicine.
  • Is it ok to make rules for kids that don’t apply to yourself?
  • Are you afraid of breaking kids spirits when you give them rules?
  • Representing God to your kids
  • When were you forced to become independent growing up?
  • Birth order
  • How do you not patronize your kids when they are young?
  • Would you let your baby touch a fire to teach them? Or maybe tell them “stop”? Burn one hand off and he’ll have another
  • Not helping a stranger
  • Time schedule and parenting
  • Is it hard to not know what a baby is thinking?
  • Raising ourselves at the exact stage as our own kid

Next episode: reading the beginning of The Daniel Dilemma

35: What Is Chalcedony?

  • Who am I?
  • Trivia
  • The meandering path
  • Inn of the Sixth Happiness
  • So many times what we tell our kids is a disappointment, talking about heaven is a fun reversal of that
  • what is chalcedony
  • Is daydreaming about heaven a biblical thing or an escape?
  • Santa is the perfectionist dream
  • Is Santa a fun daydream or a dangerous lie?
  • Merry Christmas you didn’t get salmonella this year son!
  • Discipling your kids and rewarding them based on behavior
  • Eager expectation for heaven and our new bodies or is it bad to ponder what we do not know
  • The emergency alert in Hawaii
  • A hypothetical from our game…how long do you keep mementosos from past relationships
  • Is there anything of mine you’d eagerly get rid of?

34: At the End of Our Tether

  • Trivia… Let’s grill Tim
  • Santa has jazz hands
  • Rudulph the Red Nose Reindeer “row”
  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego the card game!!
  • Traveling Light finale!
  • How often do you dream of heaven? A preoccupation. Does thinking about it give you strength for the here and now?
  • I have 1% generosity left to give
  • Our special gift from Tim’s aunt and grandma
  • Tim is more American
  • Tim HAS NOT read!
  • Tethering ourselves to God
  • Different ways of showing our children or others how we love them
  • Tim’s love language is rambunctious, silliness
  • Seeing the outcome of some of God’s promises and using those instances to gain acceptance for the promises not yet seen
  • If I stay sick I have to accept that it’s for God’s glory, or my growth
  • Sometimes life is all morning sickness… and then the end comes
  • Believing God that it’s all going to be worth it in the end.
  • Is it wrong for my motivation to be about the promise of the beauty of heaven and not completely about Jesus?
  • Keeping a steady burn rate
  • Don’t burst my peaceful bubble

33: Special Guest: Jon

  • Trivia questions
  • Bible trivia and Alzheimer’s revenge
  • Improv stuff
  • Spanish and our first mission trip together
  • Jerusalem’s “You Know Nothing” Guy
  • Life Calling
  • Short term missions trips
  • Concentration camps
  • New small group: “Let’s talk about your biggest sin and why you’re not changing”
  • Ashamed to admit I remember Mark Lowry
  • The Afternoon Bible Quiz
  • The Babylon Bee