10: It's Not a Monkey, It's an Ape

Episode 10 Show Notes

  • Eating out with the kids
  • More about our kids
  • adapting our schedule to a new way of life
  • getting a haircut in nepal
  • last trip to volunteer at the school
  • Curious George
  • Even more about our kids
  • Our kids growing and getting an imagination
  • meeting our neighbors
  • comedy-fantasy-middle-grade fiction
  • Mice and Elephants and Me
  • eating chicken at work with the kids
  • Tim’s soccer injury
  • Convincing Simon that he’s not really a bird
  • Living in a neighborhood with lots of kids
  • Man, we talk a lot about our kids!
  • Emoji woes

And then back to our discussion of marriage - using the book “You and Me Forever” and some of the intense questions from it.


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Tim and Becca, parents of toddlers, are making some strange decisions. Sometimes they talk about marriage and life. Somtimes about movies and books. Follow along on their world travels.